Virtual Reality Dog Experience

HTC Vive / Oculus Virtual Reality Experience – Construct Studio

Developed as a POC over the course of three weeks, this experience allows players to play fetch with a lifelike dog in a Yukon inspired environment.  Developed as part of a larger proposal for dog simulation experience that would serve as a transmedia tie-in for a larger media piece.


  • Contributed to the game proposal document. Designed and wrote the concept for game narrative and progression allowing players the fun of playing with a dog while honoring the original media’s story.
  • Designed primary and secondary game loops incorporating day-to-day tasks of caring for the dog, as well as progressing the larger narrative.

Development (Unity/C#)

  • Implemented Final IK controls and synced controls with an animated dog rig to allow the dog to track the player’s head and hands, as well as pick up the stick from any position¬†
  • Built AI Tasks syncing the dog animation SDK with AI behavior.
  • Implemented Art and Environment Assets
Virtual Reality Dog Experience
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