Beatstep Cowboys

PC Local Multiplayer Game with Twitch Play – Loaded Cow Productions

Beatstep Cowboys is a 2 player game that combines quick real-time strategy, and rhythm-based game play. The result is a competitive game that is easy enough for a little kid to pick up but also provides advanced players the opportunity to stretch the limits of their logical and predictive thinking. The game also implements a unique Twitch Play aspect, where two channels  battle it out by cooperating through the Twitch Chat interface.

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  • Worked with fellow designers to design levels and rapid prototype new character types.
  • Designed and documented the userflow and interface for the game, including creating wireframes.
  • Conceptulized and designed the Twitch Play Mode, including a custom interface that gives the illusion of real time feedback and add excitement to the gameplay experience.

Development (NodeJS, Unity and C#)

  • Implemented the Twitch Play functionality in NodeJS and the Twitch Chat Socket API.
  • Contributed to UI Implementation and cutscene scripting system.

Beatstep Cowboys
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